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About TATA Power's
Transmission &
Distribution Services

We deliver best in class services in Transmission and Distribution domain with bouquet of offerings - Managed Services, Utility as a Service, System Integration Services, Consulting services as well as Investment solutions across the globe.

Our Belief

To provide a world-class services and solutions that transform businesses.

Our Core
Business Services

Our Key
Focus Areas

  • Expansion of core Transmission & Distribution business
  • State-of-the-Art Technology Implementation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Commitment for reduction in AT & C losses
  • Reliable, Affordable and Quality Power Supply
  • Customer Empowerment & Satisfaction
  • Operational Efficiency & Financial Viability
  • Capacity Building / Change Management
  • Business Sustainability
  • Utility as a service
Jharkhand -

Project Management

LED Street Lights - Project Management and Annual Maintenance

SCADA/DMS Consultancy

IT Project Management Units

SMAST & Smart Grid Roadmap (JUSNL)

Uttar Pradesh -

Sarthi - Energy Audit & Analysis and IT Support Services (5 discoms)

DPR Preparation & Project Management for PVVNL, MVVNL and DVVNL

AMR Reading, Billing & Data Analysis on Cloud - PVVNL

Project Management for Lucknow & Ferozabad Town

SCADA Consultancy

Call centre and consumer care centre

Consultancy for deployment of CRM

BIRD Project

Haryana -

Supply, Implement, Operate and Maintain Power Portfolio Solution

DPR Preparation & Project Management

AMI Advisory for DHBVN (World Bank)

Consultancy for Distribution Retail & Supply Functions

IT Consultancy

SCADA Consultancy

Establish Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Agricultural Consumers

Diagnostic study for Energy Audit, Load Management and Power Procurement Practices

DPR Preparation and Load Flow Study for Kurukshetra, Karnal and Kaitahal

Chhattisgarh -

DPR Preparation & Project Management

IT Consultancy

LED Street Lights - Project Management and Annual Maintenance

Advisory Services for Performance

Improvement of CSEB successor Entities

West Bengal -

DPR Preparation & Project Management

Development of 1,166 Kms of EHV Transmission Line from Siliguri in West Bengal to Mandola in Uttar Pradesh

Ladakh -

Ladakh PDD Handholding Support Project

Goa -

IT Implementation Works

DPR Preparation & Project Management

IT Support Cell for Goa Electricity Department

Project Monitoring Consultancy for Transmission Network Strengthening Project

PMC for 220 kV / 33 kV GIS Receiving Station at Ponda & Tuem along with 220 kV Transmission lines of GED, Goa.

Karnataka -

Project Management Services for all 5 DISCOMs

Consultancy services for pre-commissioning activities of 400Kv D/C (QUAD) Cuddalore - Nagapattinam Transmission

Chandigarh -

Smart Grid Pilot (NSGM)

Project Management of Distribution Network

LED Street Lights - Annual Maintenance

IT Consultancy

Jammu & Kashmir -

PIA for Strengthening of Distribution Network, Smart Metering

SCADA Consultancy

Maharashtra -

Consultancy for construction of 400kV D/C (QUAD) Jaigad- Karad Transmission lines

Supply, Installation & Commissioning two circuits of 110 KV cables for NMIA Project

Delhi -

LED Street Lights (North MCD) - Management & Annual Maintenance

508 KWp Rooftop Solar at Rashtrapati Bhawan

Manipur -

Capacity Building on O & M

Madhya Pradesh -

DPR Preparation & Project Management

SCADA Consultancy

Punjab -

LED Street Lights - Project Management and Annual Maintenance

SCADA Consultancy

Ludhiana Smart City LED Street Light Project (Installation and AMC)

Ludhiana - Street Light Maintenance Project

Rajasthan -

LED Street Lights - Project Management and Annual Maintenance

Renewable Energy Integration for RREC (ADB)

Assam -

Business Process Re-engineering

Odisha -

Project Management for Puri (OPTCL)

IT Consultancy

SCADA Consultancy

Himachal Pradesh -

Consultancy Services for Construction of 400 KV D/C (QUAD) LILO Transmission Line

Arunachal Pradesh -

Rural electrification of 1058 off-grid villages

Gujarat -

Setting up SAP Criteria

AT & C Loss Reduction training to GETRI officials

Meghalaya -

Capacity Building NER Power Sector Improvement Project

Andhra Pradesh -

IT & Smart Grid Roadmap


Our Presence

National Presence

TATA Power, as a Transmission and Distribution service provider is effectively managing infrastructure projects worth 3.6 bn USD for over 23 States and Union Territories, thereby assisting Government of India in its efforts towards providing impetus to power sector reforms.

23 States & UTs 61+ Clients

Our Presence

International Presence

TATA Power is expanding its services to international borders and doing significant work in the African and Asian continents including Indian sub-continent markets.

We have been providing transformational support to utilities undergoing reforms processes in various countries. As part of the reforms process, the focus is on implementing Information & Operational technologies to become smarter utilities of the future.

Today our wings have spread in 16+ countries across the globe and growing.

16+ Countries 32+ Partners
Bangladesh -

System Reliability Assessment and develop benchmark practices for Data Acquisition and Distribution Network Protection

Analysis of T&D Losses and Establishing Loss Targets Program (TAPP)

West Zone Underground Power Distribution Expansion Plan

Tajikistan -

Management Services for Tajikistan Distribution Company

Ethiopia -

UK PACT GRCF Distribution Network Visibility (DNV+) for improved performance, maintenance and integration of Renewable Energy.

Mozambique -

Preparation of Least Cost Geospatial Universal Electrification Plan

Consulting Services for High Voltage HVAC Transmission line assessment

Kingdom of Eswatini -

Operational Efficiency study

Uganda -

Study on Commercial and Distribution Operations

Afghanistan -

Planning and Capacity Support Project

Kurdistan -

Advisory Services for System Improvement, Bid Management & Financing Plan

Mauritius -

Advisory services to examine the current organizational structure of T&D

Liberia -

Utility Training Consultant (UTC) for the Implementation of Training

Nigeria -

KADUNA: Technical & Management Service provider

JOS: Technical & Management Service Provider

KANO: Technical & Management Service Provider

BENIN: Technical & Management Services for acquisition of Benin Disco

BENIN: Technical & Management Service Provider

EKO: Technical & Management Service Provider

ABUJA: Corporate Restructuring of Generation and Distribution sub-sectors of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN)

Yemen -

Capacity building in assessment of losses, identification of their sources and evaluation and implementation of loss reduction measures.

Saudi Arabia -

PMC Services for Smart Metering System

Distribution Network Length: 308,222 cKt Km.

South Asia -

Project Management and Operational Support for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation

Sierra Leone -

Project Management and Operational Support for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation

Rwanda -

Development of Strategic National Electrification to improve Energy Access.

Zanzibar -

Capacity Building program on best practices in Operation & Maintenance.


The Transmission & Distribution Services of TATA Power aims to enhance customer experience through quality services and continual technology upgradation imparted across its business verticals.

Our Business Solutions

We meet the challenging task of addressing the ever-growing need for reliable and affordable energy across the country.

Our Leaders

Guiding and inspiring us to drive
our vision and achieve our goals.

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