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From the CEO & MD's Desk

Praveer Sinha

Dr. Praveer Sinha
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, The TATA Power Company Limited

The TATA Power Company Limited is among the oldest and most iconic company in the TATA Group and its journey as a leader in India's energy sector has been truly transformational in Nation building. What started as a hydropower company more than a century ago is one of India's leading energy companies today, a feat achieved by constantly reinventing itself to serve the needs of its customers and staying relevant to all stakeholders. The Company has an installed generation capacity of 12,783 MW in India and a presence in all segments of the power sector, viz. Fuel & Logistics, Generation (thermal, hydro, solar and wind), Transmission, Distribution and Trading. It has successful public - private partnerships in Generation, Transmission and Distribution in India. TATA Power is also fast emerging as a leader in renewable energy sector covering the entire spectrum of application including rooftop solar solutions & solar micro-grids and a growing national network of charging stations for electric vehicles.

We're also looking at home automation, like an IoT (Internet of Things) platform, so consumers can take advantage to minimize electricity consumption and increase energy efficiency of appliances used at home. TATA Power will not just be suppliers of energy but an Energy Solutions Company. The entire business of power is getting digitalized and decentralized and the opportunity is in empowering the consumer.

At TATA Power, good corporate governance is a way of life and the way we do our business, encompassing every day's activities and is enshrined in our way of working. The Company is focused on the enhancement of long-term value creation for all stakeholders without compromising on integrity, societal obligations, environment and regulatory compliances.

At TATA Power, we help clients across our value chain to anticipate and respond to complex market challenges and their resulting opportunities by offering an unparalleled range of services, innovation, and critical thinking. We believe in keeping customer's requirement ahead of everything else and have never failed to prove it. Safety and Quality are our key drivers which create a distinct mark for us across the globe as we continue to move in our journey towards excellence.

From the Chief Financial Officer's Desk

Sanjeev Churiwala

Mr. Sanjeev Churiwala
Chief Financial Officer

Transmission and Distribution is pivot to the country's growth. The growing power demand in the country necessitates the Transmission and Distribution sector to develop hand in hand along with the generation sector. T&D sector represents the core competency of Tata Power and the company has been a pioneer in this area and is now the biggest private distribution company in the country serving more than 12 Mn consumers across various states.

The sector is now getting very exciting with various steps being taken by the government to revitalise the sector. The recent spate of announcements on privatisation of the distribution companies and on opening the transmission space for private players have paved a path for the transformation journey of the sector which will ultimately benefit the end consumers. With the ambitious target of Government of India in Renewable Energy space, Transmission and Distribution will also play a key role in bringing this power to the ultimate consumer. Tata Power with its expertise and vast experience in this space will surely evolve as a key player in this sector.

From the Transmission & Distribution Division

Sanjay Banga

Mr. Sanjay Banga
President, Transmission & Distribution, The TATA Power Company Limited

The TATA Power Company Limited is a front runner in implementing the Smart Grid vision in India & to cater the needs of our industry partners for end-to-end solutions in areas of IT and Grid Modernization Consultancy & Implementation, Project Management Service, Building Transmission Lines and Distribution Infrastructure, Operation & Maintenance of T&D, Revenue Management System, Value-added Services, Business Process Reengineering, Capacity Building & Energy Management Services both within the country as well as on international terrain, and also handhold utilities for adopting and deploying state-of-the-art technologies present across the entire power value chain of conventional & renewable energy services and offers next-generation customer solutions.

Worldwide our large presence has created the niche in the market for our brand value, where safety & quality are the key parameters for us. We have also collaborated with a number of academia & industry partners to offer customized solutions to make our clients future ready.

We are gearing towards being future ready and our efforts are aimed at improving the healthiness of Power Transmission & Distribution sector by leading the change. I am proud to share with you this website which speaks volumes on our rich experiences, capabilities and achievements of TATA Power in Transmission & Distribution sector business.

Tarun Katiyar

Mr. Tarun Katiyar
Chief Business Development (Transmission & Distribution)

Globally T&D segment of the power sector is witnessing large scale changes. The Indian Power Sector has also recently received further impetus with privatisation of power distribution on Public Private Partnership model for turnaround of ailing electricity utilities. In addition, technological innovations such as smart meters are driving systematic energy management and helping utility companies in making intelligent decisions. Keeping in pace with the current scenario, TATA Power's focus will be on Decarbonisation, Digitization and Decentralization.

The evolving utility landscape with new and advanced technologies such as the smart grid will enhance the stability and reliability of power systems. The monitoring on power losses, better consumption monitoring and efficient management of distributed energy resources like micro grids, battery energy storage systems etc. are the most important advantages of smart grid. Tata Power has been a forerunner in adoption of these smart grid technologies in their area of operation in Delhi and Mumbai.

As, TATA Power is India's largest integrated power company with its legacy of 100 years in technology leadership, project execution excellence, world-class safety processes, customer care and driving green initiatives, TATA Power is poised for multi-fold growth and committed to 'lighting up lives' for generations to come. The recent market trends & energy sector reforms have created multiple new opportunities for TATA Power to leverage its expertise and technology prowess to provide end-to-end services in power transmission, power distribution and smart grid management solution. We look forward to create a sustainable value driven relationship with all our clients.

Sanjev Gupta

Mr. Sanjeev Gupta
Chief Financial Officer (Transmission & Distribution Cluster)

Mr. Gupta is having extensive experience of over 25 years in commercial, financial, accounting, taxation and regulatory functions primarily in the Power Sector. He has been instrumental in improving the company’s business growth and profitability through various restructuring initiatives in financial & cost management, resource optimization, performance measurement & monitoring and enhancing internal controls.

Nilesh Kane

Mr. Nilesh Kane
Chief Distribution, Mumbai Operation, The TATA Power Company Limited

Mr. Kane is having 26 Years of experience in electrical Infrastructure & its Operations including adoption of modern technology such as Distributed Generation, Battery Energy storage system, Reactive power Management etc. He is an Alumni of Harvard Business School & Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) from Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India, He is a Gold Medallist in MBA- Energy Management and PhD in Strategy and Power management.

From the Chief Executive Officers' Desk

Ganesh Srinivasan

Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan
Chief Executive Officer - TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited

Srinivasan brings with him two decades of experience in areas like Power Utility, Infrastructure Development, Automation etc. He spearheaded strategy, operations, transformation & organisational development in his preceding roles. In his previous stint, Srinivasan was the Chief - Transmission & Distribution, TATA Power, Mumbai and has also served there as the Head Strategy & Corporate Planning Division. He has been with TATA Power since September 2012. Before joining TATA Group, he also served in various Global Consulting Firms.

He is a B.Tech from IIT Madras, an MBA from The Indian School of Business and holds a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, USA.

Kiran Gupta

Ms. Kiran Gupta
Chief Executive Officer - Powerlinks Transmission Limited

Gupta brings 25 years of Power sector experience with her. Currently she is serving as Chief Executive Officer at Powerlinks Transmission Limited. Prior to this, she headed various roles at TATA Power-DDL including Customer Services, Corporate Operations & Engineering Services and Procurement Group. Her involvement includes Customer Awareness & Outreach programs, Safety & Quality related services, Management of High Revenue Consumers & Express Consumers etc.

She is an alumna of Delhi College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Division.

Manoj Salvi

Mr. Manoj Salvi
Chief Executive Officer - TP Ajmer Distribution Limited

Manoj has over three decades of experience in the power sector. A TATA Power veteran, started his career with EHV Cables, later shifted to Operation & Maintenance of Hydro generation. He contributed to automation of old Hydro assets. He then contributed to Commercial operations in parallel licensing scenario in Mumbai distribution and in TPDDL, Delhi. After setting up Commercial Operations of TPNODL in Odissa, currently heading TP Ajmer Distribution Ltd as Chief Executive Officer.

He is a Bachelor of Engineering from Sardar Patel College of Engineering Mumbai University and an Executive MBA from S P Jain Institute of Management & Research.

Amit Kumar Garg

Mr. Amit Kumar Garg
Chief Executive Officer - TATA Power Trading Company Limited

Mr. Garg has an extensive experience of more than 32 years in Power sector with experience in capital investment projects such as system augmentation works, electrical network rehabilitation, expansion of the electrical networks and project implementation to achieve the project compliance with standards of performance. Prior to his present role in TATA Power Trading, he was responsible for large project Implementation & Street Light maintenance in TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited.

M. Shenbagam

Mr. M. Shenbagam
Chief Executive Officer, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited

Shenbagam has over three decades of experience in the power sector. A TATA Power veteran, he started his career in the company's hydro generation business, handling the modernization and renovation of hydro plants. Later, he became the head of TATA Power's Retail Business in Mumbai. Before joining TATA Power-DDL as Chief Commercial, he was heading the company's business in Vietnam. Presently, Shenbegam is leading the CESU distribution unit of TATA Power as CEO, TPCODL.

Gajanan Kale

Mr. Gajanan Kale
Chief Executive Officer, TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited

Mr. Kale has more than 27 years of experience mainly in the power sector. He has played a key role in strengthening the availability of distribution network to meet reliability parameters, improvement of aggregate technical & commercial (AT&C) losses, network improvement, business process re-engineering of commercial functions & revenue cycle management during his long tenure in Tata Power Delhi Distribution.

Arvind Singh

Mr. Arvind Singh
Chief Executive Officer, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited

Mr. Singh is an accomplished power sector professional with an experience of more than 35 years. He joined TATA Power as a graduate engineering trainee (GET) and over the years has worked and spearheaded crucial Operations & various other projects for TATA Power in generation, transmission and distribution verticals. Mr. Arvind was ED & CEO of Powerlinks Transmission Limited and Chief - Transmission at The TATA Power Company Limited before taking over his current role in Odisha.

Bhaskar Sharkar

Mr. Bhaskar Sharkar
Chief Executive Officer, TP North & Eastern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPNODL)

Mr. Sarkar has an overall experience of more than 3 decades in power sector regulations, financial restructuring and institutional strengthening. Prior to his present assignment, he has served as CEO of TATA Power Trading and was responsible for managing the power trading business. He was CEO of Maithon Power Limited where he was responsible for managing the Strategic, Operational & Commercial functions including fuel security for the 2 X 525 MW Maithon Power Generation Company to ensure profitable performance.

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